Layering Rugs - Our Tips And Inspiration

Layering Rugs - Our Tips And Inspiration

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Layering rugs is a design trend which offers many benefits to styling your home, allowing you to experiment with colours and add an extra dimension to your interior style. Layers of textures, colours and patterns create a warm feeling, and the rugs become a great anchor to a well designed room. In this article we share our top tips for layering rugs within different rooms and design themes, with some stylish interior images for inspiration.

If you’re struggling to find a large rug in a design you love, then layering a small statement rug on top of a large neutral rug may be the perfect solution. Layering rugs can also be a great solution if you move home or restyle a space and you end up with rugs you love which no longer fit the spaces you have. Layering a well loved rug with a new addition can be the perfect compromise.

The good news is that layering rugs goes with just about any design style. For best results, try to layer rugs within a similar colour palette. Have you ever considered layering shag rugs over an area rug to create a cosy place to sit? Adding a few floor pillows is an easy way to give extra cushioning and an even more comfortable feel.


Create a calm Scandinavian look with layered rugs in light colours

If you want to create a light and airy living room that’s minimal, elegant and calming, this Scandinavian inspired living room with layered rugs is the perfect look to aspire to. The goal of Scandinavian styling is to create a living room that is calm and relaxing using light colours and simple furniture. Scandinavian style is renowned for being functional, so everything in this living room should serve a purpose.

A Scandinavian living room is typically light and airy, with ample natural light and whitewashed walls. In order to create a cosy feel against the backdrop of furniture with simple clean lines, textiles such as throws and rugs can be used to add colour and warmth.


Use a geometric rug design to create a feature

Maximising natural light helps this vintage living room with a Scandi twist appear bright and open, even in the darker days of winter. Curtains hung close to ceiling height draw the eye towards the sliding doors, and can be thrown open to allow as much light to fill the space as possible. The small geometric rug layered over the larger neutral rug creates an attractive feature and adds some soft textures with the tassels. Low level chairs and sofas in neutral shades offer comfortable seating without blocking too much light.


Layer a Persian rug over an extra large neutral rug to define a space


This cosy cottage family room uses layered rugs beneath a white sectional couch to create a comfortable space for all the family to enjoy. The vintage Persian style rug is placed on top of an extra large cotton rug in a neutral shade to define areas within the space. The comfortable couch area is centred on the vintage Persian rug while the dining suite fits neatly onto the corner of the cotton rug.


Matching jute rugs to create a casual feel


The chunky texture of these layered jute rugs adds visual warmth to this living room space while also being comfortable underfoot. Matching the jute rug styles in contrasting neutral shades creates a casual country feel to the space.


Layer a small vintage rug over a larger neutral rug to save money


Don't want to splurge on a large patterned area rug for the bedroom? Layer a larger neutral rug with a smaller vintage rug, anchoring it at the foot of the bed.


Layer bedroom rugs at an angle and create visual interest


Layered rugs at jaunty angles add visual interest to a space. Layering rugs in more of a scattered design allows your larger bottom rug to pop through in between top layers.


Layering bright modern rugs creates an eccentric feel


Multiple bold patterns and materials can work together to create charming interior designs with warm colourful accents. In this rustic bedroom, two bright modern rugs work together to create a slightly eccentric feel which is in keeping with the unique structure of the quaint cottage.


Try layering multiple thin rugs


In this living room, the cow hide rugs have been layered with a larger herringbone design to complete the space. These rugs work well when layered together because they are all thin rugs. Combining deeper pile rugs may not look as stylish and risks becoming a trip hazard in a walkway.


Layering three rugs can also work


Layering rugs gives this living room loads of visual interest, texture and colour. Don’t stop at two layered rugs - be brave and layer three rugs to create a unique look.

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