Blue Rugs

The natural, luxurious quality of our extensive range of blue rugs creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere, especially if used in a bedroom or sitting room where you want ultimate relaxation. It's perfect for adding some colour that pairs well with neutral tones, especially white, which gives a little lift. It's a timeless hue that never tires and can be used with various furniture.

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If you're looking for a unique collection for any space, then Simple Style Co is bound to have exactly what you need. Our extensive collection works well in indoor areas, whether dark, light or the perfect balance in between.

We Have a Variety of Blue Rugs Available

There are so many different shades of this beautiful colour that give you a choice when adding to your decor, from the deepest midnight and navy tones, to the softer pastels that are less dramatic but no less effective. This means that a room's personality can be affected dramatically based on whether you use a cool or bright tone.

Some of our favourite pieces with a beachy vibe popular in this colour are:

  • Atrium Barker – This handcrafted, one of a kind, chunky, dense weave brings the beach to your front door.
  • Hula Jute Turquoise – The braided look and casual chic vibe is double-sided and gives you all the beach feels.
  • Madras Flatwoven – First impressions make you think of the sea. This design pairs beautifully with cane or wooden furniture.

The sand, sun and sea aren't the only feel you get from our collection, but our deep azures and our abstract pile gives you the odd sense of charm, discovery and organic luxury toward a more sophisticated expression.

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