Benefits Of Wool Rugs

Benefits Of Wool Rugs

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We all know that wool rugs look and feel great, but what you may not know is that wool rugs have many additional benefits to our homes, health and the environment.

Lets have a look at some of the benefits of wool rugs…

Benefits of wool rugs

Produced from natural fibres, wool floor rugs are an eco-friendly and energy efficient choice for your home. These durable floor coverings consume between 15-30% less energy to produce compared with synthetic rugs. 

As a community, we are becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact. Fortunately, wool floor rugs are made to last for many years. This means that even if you no longer love your rug, you can donate it to your favourite charity. If your rug is damaged or badly worn, wool rugs are  biodegradable which makes them a safer choice for the environment when it comes to disposal.

Maison Zoe Wool Rug | Simple Style CoZoe Wool Rug styled by @thelittlewhiteedit

Wool is a natural insulator, reducing heating energy requirements by preventing heat loss in the cooler months. In summer, a wool rug prevents heat rising through the floor keeping your room cool and comfortable.

Another benefit of wool floor rugs is that wool is hygienic and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. Wool is also naturally resistant to bacteria, dust-mites, mould and mildew. It also absorbs common airborne contaminants which helps to improve the quality.

Are wool rugs good for high traffic areas?

Wool rugs are durable, making them a go-to for high traffic areas. Wool fibres are resilient, so they’ll bounce back even after years of being trampled on by active kids and pets.  They are also excellent at repelling stains and reducing dirt, dust-mites and bacterial growth - a big bonus for allergy sufferers.

Wool Rug Living Room | Simple Style Co
Mandurah Silver Wool Rug styled by @vande.home
Are wool rugs pet friendly?

Wool is naturally stain resistant and durable making it a great choice for pet owners. Coated in lanolin, wool rugs stop dirt and stains from penetrating the fibres making them easy to clean.

When shopping for a pet friendly rug bear in mind that long claws can get caught on looped piles, potentially damaging the rug or injuring your pet, regular nail trimming can prevent this from occurring.

Pet Friendly Rugs | Simple Style Co

Skandi Felted Wool Rug in Grey styled by @smithies_home

Do wool rugs shed?

You should expect that your new wool rug will shed lightly in the first three to six months. Most will be low shed after this time. Shedding is a natural process that renews the fibre and keeps your wool rug looking fresh and new for many years.

Are wool rugs durable?

Naturally resilient and stain resistant, wool rugs are very durable and will last longer than any other type of rug. The durability of wool area rugs make them a practical choice for busy family homes and high traffic areas like a kitchen or living room. Unlike synthetic rugs, wool is not colour-fast so we recommend keeping your rug out of direct sunlight and rotating it regularly to promote even wear.

How to clean a wool rug

Vacuum your rug regularly on the lightest possible setting once a week and rotate it occasionally to prevent sun damage and ensure even wear. Avoid powerful vacuums that may pull fibres loose from the base of the rug. To reduce shedding vacuum in the direction of the pile.

Blot spills immediately with a paper towel or colourless cloth (do not wipe or scrub). In most cases, warm water and a small amount of soap will take care of spills if attended to quickly. Please refer to your rugs care label for instructions before cleaning.

Are wool rugs worth the money?

While wool rugs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, wool rugs are a solid investment that offer many benefits to your home, health and environment. Their enviable style, comfort and durability make them a long-term and cost-effective choice when compared with any other material.

Now that you have a better understanding of the many benefits of wool rugs, why not explore our huge range of wool floor rugs and find the perfect piece for your home. 

Not sure where to start? Contact us for complimentary styling advice!

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