Modern Rug Ideas For Your Living Room

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A well-chosen living room rug will effortlessly transform a room, quickly changing the look and feel of a space. With more and more homeowners choosing to have hard floors (such as laminate, hybrid or polished concrete) throughout their homes, area rugs also offer many practical benefits including warming your home and reducing noise.

What are modern rugs?

When we think of modern floor rugs, we tend to think of bold colours and abstract patterns, but contemporary rug designs can also be quite subtle or even offer a modern take on traditional design – the spectrum is really quite broad. If you prefer vintage rugs you can find our collection here.  

No matter your style or budget, modern rugs are a great addition to any interior style. From contemporary to bohemian, these pieces can either be the hero that packs a big visual impact, or subtly act as the anchor that ties a room together.  

We’ve rounded up our top 10 modern living room rugs that will enhance your living area:

#1 Skandi Natural White Felted Wool Rug

With it’s understated, thick, handwoven pile, this versatile natural white rug is quickly gaining traction as one of our best-selling rug designs.

Skandi Natural White Wool Rug | Simple Style Co

Skandi Natural White Rug styled by @thelittlewhitedit


#2 Lucerne Wool Rug

This softly toned grey rug features striking hand-tufted patterning and will bring both texture and warmth to your contemporary living room.

 Lucerne Modern Wool Rug | Simple Style Co

Lucerne Wool Rug styled by @krystalwilson_


#3 Esha Natural Wool Rug

Drawing inspiration from the bohemian movement, this beautiful flatweave rug offers a modern twist on traditional tribal design.

Esha Natural Wool Rug | Simple Style Co 

Esha Natural Wool Rug photo credit @insideoutmag


#4 Balmoral Braided Wool Rug

This Scandinavian inspired rug features a dense handwoven pile that will bring texture and warmth to your modern living room.

Balmoral Braided Wool Rug

Balmoral Braided Wool Rug styled by @hollyirvinestylist for @bowerbirdinteriors


#5 Allure Cotton Rug

Light, bright and beautiful, the Allure Rug in Ivory is the perfect canvas for contemporary interiors.

Allure Ivory Cotton Rug 

Allure Rug in Ivory styled by @designdc_ styles


#6 Portland Wool Rug 

With raised diamond patterning, the softly coloured Portland Wool Rug is a striking yet subtle feature for a modern living room.

Portland Grey Wool Rug | Simple Style Co

Portland Wool Rug styled by @coco.camellia_


#7 Brooklyn Grey Wool Rug

A beautifully textured weave with a playful touch of colour, our Brooklyn Grey Wool Rug is a versatile, soft flat woven rug, ideal for adding colour and texture to a modern interior.

Brooklyn Grey Wool Rug | Simple Style Co

Brooklyn Grey Wool Rug styled by @theshoreatgerringong


#8 Skandi Grey Felted Wool Rug

For a modern, monochromatic look, this low maintenance flatweave rug is easy to clean and luxuriously soft under foot and will effortlessly transform your floors with its striking minimalist design.

Skandi Grey Felted Wool Rug | Simple Style Co 

Skandi Grey Felted Wool Rug styled by @ourhenleynova


#9 Noah Wool Rug

With its stunning geometric design and beautiful blend of marble grey and ivory tones the Noah Wool Rug is ideal for minimalist contemporary interiors. 

Noah Grey Wool Rug | Simple Style Co

Noah Wool Rug styled by @house2homestyling


#10 Remy Blue Modern Rug

Inject some colour and warmth to your living room this soft blue floor rug. With a low pile height and stain resistance, this beautiful rug is a chic, low maintenance option for modern spaces. This rug is part of our abstract rugs collection if you like the style. 

Remy Blue Modern Rug | Simple Style CoRemy Blue Modern Rug styled by @advantagenovari_interiors


Need help finding the perfect rug for your living room? Get in touch with our Interior Designers for complementary styling advice.

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