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Home Tour: When Style Meets Functionality

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We first met Ayla of @smithies_home back in 2021 when she purchased a rug for her new build in Perth.  Since then we've eagerly followed along as Ayla and her husband Paul put the finishing touches on their functional, family friendly home.  

Influenced by modern coastal and Scandinavian style, Ayla and Paul's goal was to build a warm and inviting home that could be enjoyed by their growing family - and they have achieved just that, proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality! 

Living Room Rug - Simple Style Co

We asked Ayla to share some tips on how to create a stylish and functional family home...

Family friendly furnishings

Choosing the right finishes and furnishings is paramount when creating a family home. A neutral colour palette is a great foundation that can evolve to suit the needs of your family. 

"This is our first family home, and I was really hoping to make the space light, bright but with a bit of quirk. We stepped a bit out of the box with our navy blue cabinetry, but have kept the rest of the house quite neutral with whites, greys and blacks with timber elements and plenty of plants for some greenery as well."

Blue and white kitchen

When shopping for furniture and rugs first consider the material as you don't want to constantly be worrying about spills and stains. Easy clean fabrics are essential and patterned pieces can be very forgiving.

Reduce Clutter

Have you ever heard the saying "clear space = clear mind"? Well, it's true! Scientific studies have proven that too much clutter can increase our stress levels. Clearing the clutter in your home not only increases your physical space but also creates a sense of calm in your home.

Ayla says "With two tiny humans this is the best way I know to stay on top of the chaos". Start by spending 5 minutes a day clearing a shelf, or a bench top. This daily declutter habit will help take the stress out of tidying and can make a big impact over time.

Help your kids go declutter their bedrooms and playrooms and find a place for their toys, books and treasures. Creating a toy rotation is an excellent way to improve concentration and helps to develop a child’s focus and engage in more meaningful play - while also helping to reduce clutter.

For items you or your children have outgrown consider donating selling them "I’m always selling things on Marketplace or donating items to charity stores. If something doesn’t have a home, it has to find a home with someone else!"

Family friendly rug - Simple Style Co

Label It

If you struggle to stay organised like most of us do, labelling will help to ensure everyone knows where things belong. Once you've decluttered your home, labelling will help your household remember where things belong and motivate you to stay organised!

"In terms of the kids toys, they do explode throughout the day, so I have practical but stylish baskets in various rooms to quickly pack all the toys away at the end of the day" says Ayla.

Organised playroom

Choosing the right rug

When choosing a rug for a busy family home "it has to be hardy and easy to clean!" says Ayla.  "You don’t want to be stressing about mistakes, spills or accidents when you have kids or pets. For my living and playroom spaces I have chosen transitional rugs for their durable nature and ease to clean. As an added measure I also use protector spray which helps to repel stains. I have found it’s best to choose a rug that has a pattern. A Bissell Spot Cleaner will be your best friend if the worst were to happen!"  

"In both our master and guest room we have chosen wool rugs - they’re still kid and dog friendly but a bit trickier to clean than the transitional style so keep this in mind."

As for size Ayla believes "the bigger the better!" and we have to agree! "Big rugs make the space look bigger! You won’t regret going up a size. If you’re unsure, use masking tape to map out the space and get a feel for rug size." 

"Get the rug underlay if you won’t be putting furniture on the rug. It will help to weigh the rug down and prevent it from slipping."
Wool Bedroom Rug - Simple Style Co

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