How to choose a rug for a kids room

How to choose a rug for a kids room

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A rug is a simple and affordable way to add character to your child's bedroom. Whether you're styling a nursery or a teenage retreat, a rug is the perfect starting point. When choosing a rug for your child's bedroom or playroom, there a few important factors to consider...


When selecting a kids bedroom rug, perhaps the most important factor to consider is material. Ease of cleaning and durability are a must for a child's room. And if you live in a home with allergy sufferers you want to choose an area rug that is hypo-allergenic.

Cotton rugs are an affordable, easy to clean option that come in a range of colours and patterns. The Allure Ivory Rug is a beautiful textural floor rug with soft, subtle lines. This non-shed mat was hand-loomed from a blend of cotton and rayon making it both durable and easy to vacuum.

Wool rugs provide a soft place for kids to play and add a lovely textural element to the space. The presence of lanolin in wool rugs means that they are stain resistant and as a natural fibre they are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Woven rugs can add an element of luxury to a nursery.

Polypropylene rugs are an excellent option for kids bedrooms, play rooms and other high traffic areas. This is one of our favourite rug materials due to its outstanding durability and stain resistance. With low-shed qualities, polypropylene is a great option for children with asthma or allergies.

Lastly, machine washable rugs are a practical and stylish choice for kids rooms. These designs are spill and stain resistant, can be folded for easy storage and thrown in the washing machine as needed. As always, we recommend using a non-slip rug pad to prevent movement and potential trips.

Allure Ivory Kids Bedroom Rug - Simple Style Co

Allure Ivory Rug styled by


The rug size required for your child's bedroom or nursery will depend on the layout of the room. Choosing a rug that is scaled appropriately for the space is essential. A rug should be large enough for your child to play on and anchor the space to create a cohesive look.

If you have hard floors, a large rug will add comfort and warmth to your child's bedroom or playroom. It will absorb sound and protect your floors from wear and tear. A round kids rug works great as an accent piece or a play mat where your child can be creative and play.

Our rectangle rugs come in a range of sizes from 155x225cm up to 300x400cm, meaning your options are endless no matter the size of the space you are styling. Round rugs come in three size variations, from a compact 150cm that is ideal for smaller spaces or at the foot of a bed, to a generous 240cm which works well in larger bedrooms.

Avoid choosing a rug that is too small as this can make the room feel empty and disconnected. Layering rugs is also an option that works really well in kids nurseries and bedrooms to add interest and texture.


Marigold Suri Rug in Natural styled by @mrstiffanyclaire


When choosing a rug for your child's room, there are no hard and fast rules. You can work with the existing theme of the room, or use a floor mat to introduce playful patterns and colours.  

Soft, neutral tones are and growing in popularity with parents who are styling their little ones rooms. Neutral rugs are incredibly versatile and can used throughout the years as your child and their style grows. Create a sense of calm and cohesion by using single colour or pattern throughout the space.

Teenage Bedroom Rug - Simple Style Co

Alpine 833 styled by @dnaofdesign_

Bright colours and patterns can help to create a fun play space and encourage your child to use their imagination. They are also very forgiving when it comes to marks and stains - which is a bonus especially in playrooms and bedrooms.

Choosing a kid friendly rug can be overwhelming. When choosing a rug for your home the most important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of the piece. A kids rug should be durable and easy to clean. In our opinion, a rug that is machine made from heat-set polypropylene is ideal for kids, pets and allergy sufferers alike. 

Girls Bedroom with Rug - Simple Style Co

Cala Gold Rug styled by @ourperthreno

If you need help finding the perfect rug for your home please reach out to our team. Our rug experts are happy to offer our customers complimentary styling advice as well as easy returns so you can shop with complete confidence.

Shop kids rugs and nursery rugs online and enjoy free metro delivery.

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