Rug Placement Guide

Rug Placement Guide

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When it comes to rugs - size definitely matters!

A well proportioned rug can tie a room together, but getting the size and placement right can often be tricky.

To help you choose the right size rug for your home, we’ve prepared these tried and tested layouts to help guide you.


In your living room, ideally you want a rug that is large enough to fit all your furniture with around 20cm of rug visible on all sides. Alternatively, place the front legs of your furniture on the rug.

A round rug is a great way to give your room a cosy, intimate feel while making a beautiful focal point.

If you prefer a smaller rug, arrange setting at an even distance around the outside of the rug. While it may be tempting to play it safe with a small rug this can potentially make a room feel smaller or even disconnected.



Your dining room rug should be a minimum of 60cm wider than all sides of your dining table. In this room, you'll want to make that your dining chairs can sit completely on the rug when they're pulled away from the table - this will ensure the rug doesn’t get caught or become a tripping hazard. 

For a cohesive look, we suggest matching the shape of your rug to the shape of your dining table. 

Simple Style Co Dining Room Rug Placement



A bedroom rug helps to frame the room and creates a warm, soft spot to place your feet in the morning. 

One of the most popular layouts we see in the bedroom is to place a large rug under the bed and extending around 50cm beyond the foot of the bed. The bedside tables sit completely off the rug.

For a luxurious look (and if space permits), have your bed and bedside tables sit completely on a large rug with around 70-90cm of the rug showing around the edges.

Regardless of the size of your bedroom or bed, an area rug should not push up against the edge or legs of your dresser or other large pieces of furniture.


Simple Style Co Rug Placement Guide Bedroom


When in doubt, we usually recommend that our customers go for the biggest size your space will allow for - in our experience there is nothing worse than a rug that is too small for a space!

Trick of the trade: Before buying your next rug, use masking tape to create a border on the floor to help you visualize how a rug will look in your space.

If you have any questions or would like help selecting a rug for your space contact us.


Living Room Rugs Simple Style CoCarina Braided Wool Rug - styled by Shift Property Styling


Mandvi Textured Tribal Rug - styled by Shift Property Styling


Simple Style Co Rug Placement Dining Room

Skandi Felted Wool Rug White - styled by Shift Property Styling


Rug Placement Rug Size Guide Rugs

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