Levi Collection

The Rug Culture Levi Rug range is a luxe dual pile rug collection. with a velvety look and feel. Constructed from microfibre polyester, the Levi Rug by Rug Culture offers softness and texture with its unique design. Inspired by the intricate patterns of traditional rugs, the Levi collection seamlessly blends classic and contemporary styles. With its distressed edge, Levi adds a touch of rustic charm that effortlessly complements any design theme. Emphasising soft, pastel tones, Levi is both trendy and essential this season.

Our Levi rugs embody a rustic and casual charm, showcasing timeless nomadic tribal designs with a modern twist. Crafted with contemporary space-dyed yarns, these floor coverings feature a delightful blend of soft raised and loop yarns, adding artistic flair to their soothing pile. Each rug possesses a unique character, thanks to the distinct dying process of the yarns, resulting in varying intensities and shades. With their contemporary colours, Levi rugs offer a touch of modern sensibility, creating a distinctive and exotic ambiance in any home.

The Kerala blue rug from the Levi Range is a luxurious yet casual rug, perfect for sprucing up your living space. Crafted with a distinct tribal design in lovely shades of blue and ivory, this floor covering adds a hint of rustic charm to any room. The distressed edge gives it an extra layer of texture and intrigue, making it ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Exuding sophistication and tranquility, the Odisha Natural Rug in Grey is the epitome of understated elegance. The Odisha natural rug in Grey features a soft, raised pile pattern, woven from space-dyed yarns that blend seamlessly into a harmonious grey tone. The variation in the grey hues imbues the rug with a unique, multi-dimensional appearance, making it an exotic addition to any room. Ideal for contemporary spaces, this rug brings together the essence of modern design and the rustic charm inherent in the Levi Rug range. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or study, the Odisha Natural Rug in Grey enriches the space with its soothing tones and subtle texture.

The Orissa black rug celebrates timeless nomadic tribal design in contemporary space dyed yarns. This beautiful black and white rug features super soft raised and loop yarns artfully decorate the soothing pile of these extraordinary floor coverings. The unique dying process of these yarns allows each rug to have a slightly different intensity, shade and character. The Orissa Black Rug is perfect for modern homes, bringing together a sense of contemporary style and traditional design.

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