Our Top 4 Tips To Give Your Home A Fresh New Look This Spring

Our Top 4 Tips To Give Your Home A Fresh New Look This Spring

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With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to put away those thick winter layers and breathe new life into your home.

Our stylists have put together some useful tips to help give your home a fresh new feel this Spring - and of course our favourite rugs to help you complete the look!

Just Add Flowers

Spring blooms are an easy and affordable way to add colour and texture to any room.

A small floral arrangement on a table or bookshelf will instantly reinvigorate your space, while adding a beautiful bouquet to a console in your hallway will give guests a warm welcome.

Choose flowers that will complement your style. Tara from Coco Camellia has selected a floral arrangement with soft pink and ivory tones to tie in with her muted colour palette.

Dried or preserved flowers are a sustainable option that you can enjoy year 'round!

Pictured: Mandurah Rug in Silver (Image credit: @coco.camellia_)

Bring The Outdoors In

There's no better way to banish the winter blues than by opening up all of your windows and doors and letting some fresh air in on a glorious Spring day. But why stop there?

Incorporate elements from the outdoors into your interior style by using nature inspired colours, textures and materials. Think soft pastels, earthy neutrals and timeless timbers.

Andrea at @my.green.sofa has refreshed her dining room by adding a statement artwork with a selection of small accent pieces that complement these stunning Spring hues (and of course plenty of greenery!)

Pictured: Aziza Beige & Blue Transitional Rug (Image credit: @my.green.sofa)


It's time to put away those dark, moody accessories and chunky fabrics that saw us through the winter months and replace them with a fresh new colour palette that will add instant warmth to your home. 

Consider adding a shades of fresh whites and soft greys - a light linen throw is perfect for adding colour and texture to your bedroom or living room without weighing it down.

Now is the perfect time to switch up your artwork and introduce fresh zesty scents with candles.

Pictured: Odisha Tribal Fringed Rug in Peach (Image credit: @ashleejayinteriors)


This is an obvious one, but possibly the most rewarding. Use the start of the new season to clean out the fridge and pantry, wipe down skirting boards, window frames and ceiling fans and have your bedding and rugs professionally cleaned.

It's also a great time to give appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher a deep clean to improve efficiency and remove mould, mildew and grime and any odours.

Make the most of the weather by opening doors and windows to let that fresh Spring air in!

Pictured: Nahla Tribal Fringed Rug (Image credit: @jessi.eve / @amani_lindsell)

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