How To Style A Round Rug

How To Style A Round Rug

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Stylish and versatile, round rugs are a great way to add depth and contrast to a space by softening harsh lines and creating a beautiful focal point.

Working with a round rug can seem a little intimidating, so our stylists have put together some tips that will help you style your round rug like a pro!

Let's start at the entry - where a rug is a great way to make an impact from the moment you walk through the door.  We typically see hallway runners placed in the centre of a hallway, but placing a circle rug in the centre of a wide entry is guaranteed to make an impression and set the tone for the rest of your home.

We love seeing round jute rugs used in an entry. This stunning natural fibre compliments just about any style, is hard wearing and easy to clean.

Remember when styling your hallway rug, unlike in other spaces, all furniture should be placed off the rug.

 Jute Rug Hallway | Simple Style Co

Image credit: Armadillo & Co

Traditionally we see rectangle rugs used in the living room, but a round floor rug placed in an open plan living room is a lovely way to create a sense of intimacy while adding texture and acting as a focal point. Place your coffee table towards the centre of the rug with your sofa and occasional chairs slightly overlapping the rug.

Round Rug Living Room | Simple Style Co

Catalina Round Jute Rug styled by Shift Property Styling

One of the most common places we see round rugs is in the dining room. When choosing a rug for the dining room it is really important to ensure that the rug is large enough so that chairs can be moved freely without getting caught, we typically suggest a choosing a rug that is at least 60cm wider than your dining table.

Mix it up by placing a square table centred on a large round rug.

Jute Round Rug Dining Room | Simple Style Co

Catalina Round Jute Rug styled by @amastudiointeriors 

A round rug is a beautiful addition to the bedroom and can be used to soften hard floors giving you a cosy place to rest your feet, or a sweet place for kids to play in the bedroom. 

A round bedroom rug should sit slightly under the bed. A small round rug can be placed to one side towards the foot of the bed whereas a larger rug can be centred under the bed giving you a soft place to land your feet on either side. For more bedroom rug ideas peruse our bedroom rug collection here.

Round Rug Bedroom | Simple Style Co

Bodrum Distressed Round Rug styled by Shift Property Styling



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