Pure French Linen Sheet Set Winter White
Pure French Linen Sheet Set Winter White

Bed Tonic

Pure Linen Sheet Set - Winter White

Pure French Linen sheets sets include top sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowslips. 

BedTonic linen is pre washed making it deliciously soft from your first sleep. 

Linen loves your little ones almost as much as you do!

Whether you're swaddling the tiniest of tots or tucking a toddler into bed, make pure linen your fabric of choice.

Its hollow flax fibres are great thermoregulators that keep kids warm in winter and cool in summer.

When woven, flax is so durable that it withstands years of wear and tear. It's entirely possible that your children will take their sheets and duvet sets with them when they finally fly their well-feathered nest -- and let's face it, that could be 30 years from now, based on the current economy.

Some of the new linen ranges on today's market also buttery soft. Some may say they're as soft as a baby's bottom. It's certainly one of the few fabrics you can feel confident to cover their sensitive skin with (asthmatics and allergy sufferers will attest to this).

In the past, this hard-wearing cloth has been a tad rough, modern stone washing techniques are being used to make each sheet and pillow slip simply sumptuous.

Slipping between linen sheets is such a sublime experience you'll dread to get out of bed each morning.

You'll also struggle to get your wee ones out of your bed once they snuggle into the safe haven that layers of linen create. Did somebody say: "Blanket fort!"?

Customer demand inspired me to launch a linen range for children's rooms.

Many adults have been linen lovers for years and want their offspring to enjoy the same creature comforts.

They appreciate the fact it's a classic fabric that stands the test of time and won't tear or stain like many of the cheaper novelty items that are typically targeted at kids.

Linen is also a more sustainable, eco-chic choice, when compared to most cottons on the market.

It requires fewer pesticides and much less water to thrive, making it the only option for in the know parents to wrap their precious bundles in.