Icelandic Shorn Sheepskin Rug - Dark Edges
Icelandic Shorn Sheepskin Rug - Dark Edges


Hides of Excellence

Icelandic Shorn Sheepskin Rug - Dark Edges

Each Hides of Excellence natural shorn Icelandic sheepskin rug, with dark edges, is a one-of-a-kind natural beauty.

The dense soft texture of this hide makes it an inviting addition for anyone to throw over their favourite chair, or place on the floor as a rustic, warm floor covering.

Sourced from the chilly Arctic Circle, the natural Icelandic sheepskin adds a sophisticated, quality finish to any room.

Size approximately 90cm x 70cm.

Please note, being a natural product, each piece varies slightly in size and colour tones.

Here is a selection of stock currently available and ready to ship. If you see one you like, simply email us quoting the corresponding number shown on the right side of the image upon making a purchase, and we will send you the one you have selected.