MUSKHANE was born in Nepal in 2003. In this Himalayan kingdom, one lives in the present moment, with simplicity and joy. Spirituality suffuses each action and gesture, and a myriad of colours nuances and beautifies the day-to-day.

This harmony laid claim to the hearts of Valérie and Thierry Billot. The discovery of traditional Nepalese savoir-faire in the working of felt and cashmere inspired the creation of MUSKHANE. Their brand offers clothing and decorative objects composed exclusively of these natural, renewable materials. The entire line is completely hand-made, locally.

Valérie and Thierry are guided by their desire to promote durable, sustainable production and to continue on this meaningful adventure with the Nepalese artisans they have come to know and work with so closely. These convictions have created ties of respect and trust among the entire chain of production, as well as promoting the value and ensuring the endurance of traditional, artisanal Himalayan craft. MUSKHANE’s customers can feel good about the fact that every item we offer has been fabricated with the utmost attention and to the highest possible standards.

MUSKHANE is Nepalese for smile.

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