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Why hello there! 

You may already know me but in case you don't and are wondering who I am my name is Kate and I am the creative behind Instagram's Kate.Lives.Here

It all began in late 2014 when my husband and I set out to fulfill every Australians dream, owning our very own home.  My husband and I sat down with our builder and drew up a plan next thing you know our vision turned into reality!  I went into the build being calm and having complete faith in my design and colour.  Of course you want to splash out and have major feature walls etc, but the reality was to keep it clean and simple as my my taste will change and this isn't our forever home. 

As we progressed with our build I decided to make a little Instagram page as a visual diary (under a completely different name) and watch our home come to life. Finally move in day came!  As we started to settle in day by day I started styling our house more and more.  Every day the house would look completely different.  I also think this has a lot to do with working in retail where we are constantly changing things around. 

Kate Lives Here Instagram

With having my Instagram under a different name I didn't quite feel that it was truly me.  I brain stormed and decided to bring Kate.Lives.Here to life.  Being a new home owner and working out finances meant that budget homewares would be the place to start. Kmart was my go to as it was extremely affordable and on trend. D on't get me wrong I still shopped around but could never justify the prices.  Being a lover of all things black, white and grey I also found it hard to find pieces that would suit and when I did it was always the wrong colour.  Hello black spray paint! 

Weeks went by and I noticed my little Instagram community growing I was gaining popularity not only with every day people but also with companies that I cooed over.  Until one day I was approached by the amazing Simple Style Co to help them style some of their amazing products.  Their stock fits in extremely well with my little bit of everything style (I'm a little scandi, a little industrial and a little monochrome).  Lets just face it I love it all! 

Kate Lives Here Instagram

I would have to say the best thing about being in the position I am today is working together with some of the most amazing businesses and Simply Style Co has to be one of the best.  They have been there with me from what feels like day one.  Not only are they a business selling beautiful home wares but a great source of inspiration showcasing some of the most sort after home stylings and products from some amazing people around the country and around the world through their Instagram page and through their blog. 

I am extremely grateful for their faith in me as a stylist because without them I probably wouldn't be where I am today.  

Thank you for taking the time out to find out a little about me and how I came to start working with Simple Style Co. 

Kate  xx

Kate Atkinson is a product stylist, blogger and Simple Style Co ambassador.  If you would like to become one of our brand ambassadors like Kate or apply for a trade account please contact us at simplestyleco@outlook.com with a link to your Instagram profile













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